Leaving the Middle East now is no option

US foreign policy after learned lessons in Iraq

by Lea-Maria Warlich

All eyes on IS. This is Obama’s mantra for the U.S. foreign policy in Syria. Unfortunately, a recently published Brookings report reveals that only one-fifth of Americans think that the U.S. can defeat IS. In American Public Attitudes Toward ISIS and Syria the renowned think tank found out that even if the U.S. were to defeat IS, the majority of U.S. citizens believes in a return of the IS or a similar group.

Ukraine: the weak response of Europe

About Europe’s strategy to stay friends with Putin

by Norbert Wessendorf

‘It was the American leadership and the President of the United States insisting on Europe to stand up and take economic hits to impose costs,’ said Joe Biden, Vice President of the USA, during a speech at the JFK Jr. Forum at Harvard University on October 2nd, 2014. Biden was talking about the sanctions the European Union had implemented on the Russian Federation in 2014 as a consequence of Russia’s activities on Ukrainian territory.

Can Rouhani bring a change?

Iran’s nuclear program

by Špela Zalokar

When Hassan Rouhani was sworn in as Iran’s 7th President in August 2013, change in the country’s politics was anticipated. Rouhani as a moderate cleric promised to improve the economy and mend international relations. Many speculated that the future of Iran depended largely on Rouhani’s political cooperation with the West and particularly with the United States.

Worldwide revolution!

Mark Kurlansky’s short history of 1968

by Anne Theunissen

Sex, drugs and rock and roll, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the anti-war movement, the Tet Offensive, the Prague Spring, worldwide student protests, the Black Panthers, and the beginning of the end of Communism: was there anything boring about 1968? At least nothing worth mentioning in the 383 pages of 1968, the year that…

The West must adopt a new approach to Iran

by Anu Lehtonen

The Western states keep rattling their sabers, but Iran does not seem to yield. It is nearly impossible to reach an agreement on the nuclear program of Iran. The recent debate circles mainly around the enrichment of uranium for its reactors. This is misleading, since under international law the Islamic Republic of Iran has a right to a nuclear program as well as to enrichment. These are guaranteed under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(NPT) which Iran ratified…

Bush’s Legacy: Obama’s Salvation?

by Jolanda Thielens

There once was a president who was convinced that everything his predecessor had done was thoughtless, weak, stupid, and even corrupt. Consequently, this president found it wise to reverse almost every single decision and regulation of his preceding government’s rule. White became black, cautiousness became aggressiveness, and saving became spending. His followers, excited as they were, vigorously applauded the daring decrees of their president. His name was…


by Cees van der Meyden

Niet meer geld, maar een andere benadering, stelde Sarkozy onlangs in het Elysée tegen enkele honderden inwoners uit de banlieues als oplossing voor in de problematiek van de Franse voorsteden. Met een ‘genadeloze oorlog’ tegen de drugshandelaren en ‘het einde van de bijstandscultuur’ wilde de Franse president de achterstanden bestrijden, aldus NRC-Handelsblad. Dat voornemen past in de eerder dit jaar geformuleerde beschavingspolitiek, waarin “mensen centraal staan in plaats van gebouwen”. De Franse president beloofde…