Uncomfortably entertaining cinema

Harmony Korine’s movies for cinephiles and hipsters

by Vaiva Mikelionytė

There is no article about Harmony Korine that could escape calling him enfant-terrible, provocateur, or creator on the edge, even when it is done with suspicion. Although he once called himself a commercial director without financial success, he is mainly known to cinephiles and just plain hipsters. What makes him not so easily approachable? And why is it worthwhile to watch his films?

Tarantino’s gendered violence

Rocking the celluloid veil

by Emily Beeson

It is oft said of Quentin Tarantino that he boasts wonderful success in achieving poster-boy status in the eyes of the cult film critic. Kicking back against film industry royalty, Tarantino has been hailed as the absolute embodiment of zero to hero; a video-shop fan-boy making it big among the giants of Hollywood. This status and rolling success is arguably due to the admirable and stylish balance between…

Truthful Lies

Michael Moore’s Movies

Watching Michael Moore’s movies makes me feel convinced and deceived at the same time. At the end I just want to shout: “See?! There’s really something wrong with this world and we have to act right now!” But it is also obvious that Moore – a filmmaker, author and social and political activist – is a brilliant propagandist who plays his audience “like a violin”, as one of his critics puts it, and so I should temper…

Blurring the lines

A review of 10 canoes (2006), a film directed by Rolf de Heer

Whilst walking down Swanston Street in Melbourne, in the direction of Flinders Street Station on a pleasant September afternoon, one may encounter one of the sparse contemporary visions of Indigenous Australia. The vision is often first encountered when one has arrived at the foot of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is definitely not the image that a tourist would expect of these people; nowhere is a didgeridoo to be seen, nor is there a re-enactment of a traditional corroboree (dancing ceremony) for the quick indulgence of tourist exoticism to be found. Rather one sees a bunch of shaggy-haired, smelly, badly dressed, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, beer or whisky drinking people. Not only men, but also women, and even…